Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Scheme

  I had been trying to roto-till and the soil had been too wet.  This causes it to clump up and clog the blades.  I was clearing the blade housing out when they took me by surprise again.  It was after all a rather foggy morning and the sun had been waging another losing battle, I think it was raining but I couldn't really tell.  Well I nearly had a fit, the Thugoninite I knew as Microwave Boy pathed a gotcha right in to my brain. It started rattling off a list right away, and it became clear after I regained my composure, they had come shopping.  The wheels began to turn in my head and I devised a scheme to become the sole retail outlet for the creatures.  Well actually, I had a little more than a year to come up with it. After they had left I realized that may be they had gotten a better deal than I thought.  I pledged to myself that if the Thurgonards ever came again I wouldn't be such a sucker.  Microwave boy played right into my hands.

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