Saturday, February 22, 2014

Encounter of the Third Kind.

I had my head in an old cranky diesel generator. It had broken down a day earlier, and there hadn’t been a good sunny day in weeks so my generator would kick in to supply the power the windmills couldn't. But even my considerable mechanical skill couldn't bring it back on line. I had just shocked the pie out'a my self when I heard leathery slap kind of sound, and looked up. Of course I couldn't believe my eyes and was scared and all that kind of alien human first interaction hoo haa but then I settled down and studied the things. Highly botanical was my first impression of the three, as I took a closer look they were a sort of a less flesh like rose with a ball on a stem that had the appearance of a fly eye. I made an attempt at communication at which they promptly started to hoot and plionk at. A few minutes of this was enough for all of us and we just kind of stood there for a while, stammering with our body posture. I took the triad as some what being dork like for their race. Oh they seemed to be bright enough but dorks all the same. I drew a picture or two and they seemed to be interested, but it was slow going. I thought a computer could break down the linguistic barrier, but that would be impossible to do with my computer. I then thought of telepathy, I had read a science fiction story once, man and alien communicated in this manner. Then it came like a flash of light, I could sense their thoughts

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Damp

    The Midwest might not be as cold as Siberia, but I'm sure the misery index is much higher. It seems as though the wind never stops and it has the audacity to rain at the temperature of Thirty degree's Fahrenheit,,, most of the time. Fog and drizzle from sun up to sun down, not that you could tell if those celestial events had occurred. It was dark or very near dark until about my third jar of tea and became the same during my afternoon snack, until finally the sun gave up its fight and was extinguished by the dampness of the Middle West. It was a day such as this when the Thurgieans landed