Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Contractual Obligation... FROM SPACE.

In twenty years of business I have seen the evolution of the Thurgian spacecraft go from a tin can to a biomechanical structure that while residing in space doesn't travel through it or while traveling on space would not be in it.  You see I'm not even sure.  I've made a mint off the Thurgs and I would like to retire. But they won't hear of it, I told them my boy would take over and their condition of secrecy would be intact.  No way is all the answer I most always get.  After my last call to end the contract, Microwave boy came by to pass on a message.  It said that they are up to something big and I should tone down my retirement rhetoric, and they will soon need some big orders filled.
 Now see this really burns my ass hairs, the Thurgiean claim they need me so they can maintain their condition of secrecy.  But everybody knows they're here on earth. I guess it all happened so gradually that we just got use to it.  Kind of like an invasive weed that comes in a potted plant then all gradual like seems to be everywhere.  Oh if you want to be blind to the fact that the Thurgs live among us, all you have to do is turn on that TV and sit there, sure you won't see a thing.  So I'll stick with it and see what the big deal is anyhow.


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