Friday, March 7, 2014

Must See

  Over the last few months I have been buying loads of broadcast equipment and satellite components, I think the “big thing” is an earth wide broadcast network.  Microwave boy came to me the other day worried about the military, laid all these horrible scenarios on me, then without even taking a breath It said the broadcast will be the best thing you have ever seen.
There was some pandemonium in the streets but for the most part everybody was glued to their sets.  It was a twelve hour long soap opera with flowers, and they had some how transmitted the all of the senses plus one or two more I didn't know I had.  This all had a very hypnotic effect.  The next day garden stores ran out of stock, people that had never before had an interest in gardening became infatuated with it.  Gardening became the hottest craze the planet had ever seen.  Even I was affected, I couldn't stop my self, and the compulsion to watch the twelve hour-long Thurganite show was unstoppable.  Soon all the human owned broadcasting companies were shut down out lack of advertising or interest, and the only thing left to watch was the 10 hour long Thurgian soap opera.  Yes ten hours, you see I think they were getting better at controlling us by that point and that gave them the ability to reduce the length of the programming.  Eventually they got it down to fifteen minutes, the rest of the time everyone gleefully enjoyed their gardening.

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