Thursday, November 21, 2013

LiL' Gene Splicers Kit

       Soon, he had his spliced vine growing, and grabbing, and it took over their back yard.  His parents notified the proper authorities and it was sprayed with a herbicide, most of it died; but secretly a bit had survived, a tiny shoot growing in hidden spot. He dug it up, and took it out, way outside of town, and planted it in the overgrown lawn of an abandoned grain bin.  Soon that plant had grown enormous taking over the old bin and most of the lot before somebody spotted it, alerted the authorities, who sprayed it yet again.  But this time it didn't die, it was affected though, the herbicide was like holy water for the twisted leprous arborific parasite, and it grew and mutated into the Ivy.  Of course the authorities knew of his devious meddling in the genetic code of such dangerous plants, he was brought before the juvenile court, sentence to behavioral therapy and the "LiL' Gene Splicers Kit" was taken off the market, litigation is still ongoing     

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Phenomenally Breezy

       Vogt was lying on his side, propped up on one elbow, looking through a transit, fixed on top of a short tripod, while a scanner did it's own thing twenty feet away.  Opened his closed eye and peered over the instrument,  the subsidence ran in a straight line, the width stayed within ten or twenty feet, depth from zero to.. Lucky had made his turn and was coming back on the row where the deepest depression started.  He wouldn't really know how deep it was until the corn had been cut.  Closed one eye and peered into the scope, flipped the 4X extender, the image was a little blurry, too much wind, a big gust blew a bunch of husks, chaff, and lose stalks into the air; it all seemed to fly at him at once, he squinted, ducked down little, grabbed the transit as it was hit and tipping over, just in time to witness the optical phenomenon of apparent size when scanner will fall over onto the combine eating it's way to the subsidence.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Urgent: Delta Wave Alert Link {Activate}.

  The entity inside his head, lucky had started to think of as the "Other Lucky" and it had been monitoring the map 1953 when a chronological anomaly occurred.  The time code had diverged into two separate streams one just seconds ahead of the other.  It ran a check on Lucky, "Ya feelin ok". "Sure", lucky trying to achieve a calm through the repetition of the corn slaughter, wasn't really into this intrusion from a suspect reality, expand calm, then Other Lucky interrupted and broke any expanding calm that had developed, "there was an anomalous chronological event that has... ta tell truth... baffled me".  Luckies anxiety leveled up one notch.  "I don't want cha ta worry, but I thought I should just let ya know.  Ya know?"  Lucky triggered an anxiety threshold, and sent another delta wave alert cast.  The next instant: "{Dad}: your mom's going to be there soon, layer calm",out of astonishment Lucky forgot where he was at for second, his dad was not one to send messages, he was very old and mostly likely had to wake up out of his mid-morning nap, to message him, and his mom was just a few years younger and in no way should be out driving around by feel, in the country.  Amazing, it's like he was in middle school again.