Monday, March 3, 2014

Secret communication's

Little did I know what industrious creature they were.  They seemed dull but it was really just a different way of assimilating knowledge.  I later learned they developed very few original Ideas and what technology they had was the result of trial and error of lucky accidents.  Thurgieans were very good at putting existing technologies together in ways that complemented and optimized its uses.  And then there were the physical advantages they had. For one, they were natural hibernators; this meant they could travel immense distances through space.  There was no hibernation technology needed.  The other was the range of visible light available to them.  They could literally see radio waves.  The third and final advantage was their telepathy, through this they could communicate great distances, on the order of light years.  So as they were sitting in my house watching TV they were also communicating with technicians on their home world.

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