Saturday, March 1, 2014

Alien Couch Potato's

   I invited them later on that evening to watch TV, and it was a pretty good time until I used the microwave to pop corn.  Thurgians are sensitive to microwaves, it doesn't cause pain, although I think it’s disruptive to their sight.  After this was smoothed over we all settled in and got down to some serous TV watching.  There was only one strange thing.  Every time I would leave the room the three would abruptly start communicating and when I got within range of the thought paths they would abruptly stop.  It struck me strange at the time.  
  Ya know I had always thought that a group of aliens would come down make a few proclamations say "Take me to your leader" then go.  The three Thurgians, made themselves at home.  They all hung around on my couch generally stinking things up, although their odor was like the most amazing flower scent I had ever smelled.  It was annoying all the same. One of them was always surfing the web. Broadcast and media seemed to be its main interest. It learned the written languages very fast, I think it might of figured out Japanese and German as well as English.  Another planted himself on the couch and watched TV.  The extreme animal extravaganza was its favorite, but news and weather were meditated over also. I was like a servant to him.  Sure playing the host part is important but this is ridiculous, it would even ask me to change the TV channel, and then hand me the remote.  And the strangest one microwaved everything.  It continuously cooked any object until it was pulp or exploded, I think he even cooked a few live animals. One of them had taken apart the TV, computer screen, four clocks and my watch before I stopped him.  Enough was enough, It was apparent to them that they were driving me nuts.  We made a deal and boy what a deal it was.  If I had only known what would precipitate from this transaction I would have let them stay on my couch until they died of old age.  They gave me their ultra advanced solar panels, an electric generator that could use anything for fuel, and a formula for a type of super concrete.  In return I gave them the computers (I really had enough of computers any way), all of the monitors and TV screens (they had taken most of those apart already), and the microwave (it was a freaking mess).  So I thought had come out pretty good on the deal.  In fact I felt so bad for having ripped them off so bad that I gave them a five-pound bag of plant fertilizer (it turned out they loved the stuff). So I waited till dark. Patted them all on the back and said "don't let the door hit'cha in the backside on the way out", towed the ship out to the field and they filled their gas bag up and floated away, out’a my life for ever. Arriba dirtchi. Si a nora. Bon Jovi.  Later.

Friday, February 28, 2014

The landing site

Their ship has a large doughnut gasbag, which is around an egg like space capsule with the shell made out of what looked like corrugated siding, at least that's what I thought it was.  The gasbag, which was, I swear, made out'a rubberized canvas, was filled with a lighter than "our air mixture" gas.  This is why I didn't hear them land.  They must of cut their engine in the stratosphere and drifted down.  The engine was a jet type of thing attached to the main ship by a line of about 150 yards or so.  It was laying about 140 yards away from the main ship.
The three Thurgonians had piled into the cockpit. I could see that there was a modest living space down below, and no window, that is excluding the cockpit.  The later was capped with a glass dome that offered a 180 degree unobstructed view.  I was invited up and sat in the cockpit trying out the controls, this was extremely confusing.  One of the Thurgians had apparently been tidying up the living quarters and when it was done I took a look at that, it was very utilitarian.  I hooked a chain up to the engine and towed it in,  had to put the truck in low.  We spent the rest of that day towing and securing their ship.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Truck Ride

  The weather was starting to clear up and I could see the ship out in the center of the field.  After putting it to them that It would be better for all of us to tow their ship into the barn, we all piled into my truck.  The body of the average Thurgian doesn't fit well into a human car seat.  They tried but couldn't fit, but were very impressed all the same.  I had to put down the rear seat and they rode in the cargo space.  At first I thought they were leering at me, but I then realized they were in fact ogling the instrumentation.  Seems as though they had never seen such sophisticated display, I wondered just how they had gotten here.  I started up the truck and took off for the field, this apparently was a good time to them and they jiggled and bounced down to the ship.  Of course I had to open the hood once we were down at the landing site.  Oh I was curious about their ship all right, but they were very insistent about taking a look at my engine.  The fuel injectors were a hit, although when we got around to the type of fuel it used and that it was an internal combustion engine they seemed dumbfounded.  That's when I think they knew they could take us.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Too much Screen time

   They presented me with gifts, one from each, And I had no Idea what they are.  I pathed the Idea that it was some sort of government obligation they had to carry out.  It wasn't something that was particularly, how would I say it, not embarrassing to them.
   Then the Thurgieans made a reference to space and asked what other planets have we liberated, this was done in a very formal manner. I didn't really understand how formal it was until much later.  I said we had made it to our moon 50 years ago and sent a few unmanned vessels to the other planets within our solar system, But other than that none.
Is sensed they needed a better Idea of what I was communicating, and I don't think they knew what I referred too when I mentioned the moon, so I invited them in thinking I would show the NASA web site to them.  When I first turned on the computer the thurgieans jumped against the back wall and wrapped themselves up in their pedals, and I swear one of them drew a weapon.  Eventually I calmed them down, but they were still intensely interested in the screen.  They looked behind it, then poked it a few times, and finally one of them, after a lengthy alien version of rock paper scissors, put a thick moist thing in the center of the screen and after a few seconds more declared it safe.  Describing the set up from sat link to stylus, as I surfed the web they spoigled and cloick, I had to translate what it said on account that they could only read minds.  After about two hours I was getting kind of stiff, besides becoming sick of all the noises they would make, and piped up about the fact that they hadn't shown me their ship.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


  The Thurgieans and I came upon this transference of thought in an epiphany and apparently this was a new sensation for them.  Oh sure they could form new thoughts out of a very literal synthesis of Ideas, but never before had they a thought or idea come from no where or as the experts would say, an abstraction.  I could feel their minds search my brain and I tried to search their's.  There were no feelings of trespass or offense, it was roughly analogous to what a person does when he arrives on top of a ridge, he looks.  What I saw was simple. Not simple as in low IQ, but simple in the same way a sphere is.