Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Trading partners

  The next day, after a night of food, fertilizer, and heavy TV consumption, Microwave boy took me down to the ship, which to my astonishment had some sort of cloaking ability right out of star trek, one of the Thurgonanars favorite shows.  After I made it inside the real tour started.  Microwave boy would path that this such and such device was made with that technology and that thingamabober was made according to this theory, and after a while I got the idea that they had made the entire ship off of the technology I had traded them. Gee I thought, I haven’t done near as much with my Thurgonanar items.  They were really quick; at this pace they will need lots of new technological junk.  This seemed incredible, it had only been a year and they had gone back to their planet, made this ship and come back.  I ask Microwave boy how this could be.  It said that the computer had held the key to faster that light travel.  The original three Thurgians had transmitted the technological ideas to their superiors back on Thurg, and they had built this ship, come out, picked them up, and proceeded to earth to buy more components for their ship.
The other Thurglings around the ship seemed busy working on one thing or the other.  Lots of hi-techish bit of things hanging out of the walls, it gave the general impression that the ship was not finished.  I knew then that I had them in the spot I wanted.  The Thurgs would have to pay dearly for the components they needed and I would be their sole agent.

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