Friday, December 6, 2013

Bibs: For Air Circulation

       The red truck was not Jen's favorite, the air ride system right down to her seat was flat, and if she hit a big bump she would bottom out with a clunk.  It looked as though the seat could be slid back further than it did, which pissed her off, she could have used the extra leg room.  The steering wheel was too close, and no matter how they were adjusted, the vents always seem to blow in her face, requiring her to put on quite a bit of moisturizer, that facilitated the adhesion on dirt, resulting in a thorough pumice cleansing every night that left her so skin raw that a special night time moisturiser had to be used.  The sun beating through the driver side window tended to just affect one side of her body: she wore thin white leather gloves, a long sleeve canvas shirt, and a soft long sleeve under garment; bibs: for air flow, a wide brim hat with the side tied down on windy days, and pair of goggles that were disguise as stylish sunglasses.


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