Thursday, December 5, 2013

Information Black Hole

       Jen had made two more left turns and was on the black top; Vogt was already in a deep thought about his next question, most likely consulting M-corp,when she felt she ought to slow down while going past a large patch of ivy. 
"Ya know their dad controlled quite a bit of land.... before the Ivy"
Vogt couldn't help but look at that mess of unnatural life.
"that's one of his fields right there" she pointed at the ivy for a little too long.
"but he could tell you all about this place"
The ivy infestation rolled away but Vogt still was looking out the window.  "Maybe there is someone else?"
"Sure there is, you could head down to Edwards and see if you could get any of those Amish to fill ya in".
Vogt seemed to latch on to that.  The Amish had always been a information black hole to M-corp, and not only might they be able to tell him what pipeline was run through here in 1953, but why it had be so easily forgotten.
"Yes, at least I could fill in a few blanks".
Jen had turned on to 36 and a long few minutes had passed
"So you must have found out what caused it"
Vogt had been thinking about the possibility of a secretive Amish organization.
"no, I had to call in a specialist, and will need to stay a few days" Jen let off juice a little, adjusted the mirrors, turned on the radio,roll the window down then back up, raise her seat,yawned, and had sent Wade an encrypted heads up about an emergence of an extended investigation.

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