Monday, December 9, 2013

Connection Lost

        Took a swig out of her water bottle, poured a tiny bit in the palm of her hand, then used the hand to flick it at him.  He inhaled deeply, his eye's opened more than seemed possible, and he whispered, "my M-corp connection seems to have been dropped".  She pursed her lips, squinted and briefly had a thought about the tragedy of game addiction, "you don't have make excuses, people are too hard on gamers, they need to give you're kind, a break, it's an addiction, a disease, maybe a chronic condition, I just hope you're in a recovery program".  Vogt seemed to try to speak but just let out air, she flung more water at him; he closed his eyes, inhaled deeply, and forced out, "no connection" she turned the dash fan toward him, "sure like I told ya, the Tunnel Authority is down right iron fisted when the traffic snarls like this, it's got all the bandwidth tied up, emergency only.  Is it emergency?" in the mean time, the truck had started moving faster and before long they could see daylight at the end of the tunnel, the radio came back on, and control was given over fifty feet on the other side.  She glanced sideways, and Vogt seemed to be in the land of the living once again.


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