Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Map 1953 {exit} | {quit} | {off}

        He was getting used to the ghost of 1953, but it was making it hard to concentrate.  The auger wagon was smack dab over where the septagonal house used to be, he noticed that there was faint outline of a stoop in the middle of every side, "were those seven corner houses multi-family?" The combine had just started taking in it's auger and LJ had set the wagon to auto,"hang on!" it took off with a snap, and the question was so out of the blue that LJ was caught off guard. "ya.. most of them" LJ watched him as he tracked a spot on the ground, "sometimes the family would get big enough,  n'take over the whole thing" Vogt was now looking out the back window at a spot about forty yards through the bin "early on though it was just the Quakers, ya know".  LJ tried finding just exactly what on the bin he was looking at when he figured he must have an overlay on. "whatcha lookin at"..."ya got overlay on or what?" Vogt started a bit that he knew, but then again why wouldn't he.  Map 1953 was clearly a driver to M-corp, a key, and probably a closely held asset.  "I was consulting a weather map"  


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