Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Septagon

        Lucky looked straight ahead, he knew that old seven corner house had been close to their position, dared not to call up, Map 1953, or even think about it.  Vogt, looking at the seven corner house overlay,"I remember going on a field trip to one",
"that would'a been the old settlers village in park", lucky shook his head in nervous disappointment "smashed to pieces, the combine rebellion, those bots threw some low punches".
"Are there any examples I could tour". Lucky saw his opening to divert the questioning, "I think you can arrange ta go through one down around Edwards", and tried to change the subject, "you know, those Amish still drive around in horse and buggies".  Vogt seemed to take the bait, "yes, the M-corp file on that population is thin, not something we like to admit, but their refusal or should I say inability to be infected is troubling".  The auger wagon had roared up and was turning around behind the combine, positioning the low side of the wagon towards lucky.  Vogt watching for the right moment to hop out, said one last thing, "I'd like to know who lived here back in fifties, maybe they're still around?"  And he opened the door to a great rush of sound,wind,and dust, leaving Lucky trying to layer the calm.

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