Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Truck Ride

  The weather was starting to clear up and I could see the ship out in the center of the field.  After putting it to them that It would be better for all of us to tow their ship into the barn, we all piled into my truck.  The body of the average Thurgian doesn't fit well into a human car seat.  They tried but couldn't fit, but were very impressed all the same.  I had to put down the rear seat and they rode in the cargo space.  At first I thought they were leering at me, but I then realized they were in fact ogling the instrumentation.  Seems as though they had never seen such sophisticated display, I wondered just how they had gotten here.  I started up the truck and took off for the field, this apparently was a good time to them and they jiggled and bounced down to the ship.  Of course I had to open the hood once we were down at the landing site.  Oh I was curious about their ship all right, but they were very insistent about taking a look at my engine.  The fuel injectors were a hit, although when we got around to the type of fuel it used and that it was an internal combustion engine they seemed dumbfounded.  That's when I think they knew they could take us.

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