Monday, February 24, 2014

Too much Screen time

   They presented me with gifts, one from each, And I had no Idea what they are.  I pathed the Idea that it was some sort of government obligation they had to carry out.  It wasn't something that was particularly, how would I say it, not embarrassing to them.
   Then the Thurgieans made a reference to space and asked what other planets have we liberated, this was done in a very formal manner. I didn't really understand how formal it was until much later.  I said we had made it to our moon 50 years ago and sent a few unmanned vessels to the other planets within our solar system, But other than that none.
Is sensed they needed a better Idea of what I was communicating, and I don't think they knew what I referred too when I mentioned the moon, so I invited them in thinking I would show the NASA web site to them.  When I first turned on the computer the thurgieans jumped against the back wall and wrapped themselves up in their pedals, and I swear one of them drew a weapon.  Eventually I calmed them down, but they were still intensely interested in the screen.  They looked behind it, then poked it a few times, and finally one of them, after a lengthy alien version of rock paper scissors, put a thick moist thing in the center of the screen and after a few seconds more declared it safe.  Describing the set up from sat link to stylus, as I surfed the web they spoigled and cloick, I had to translate what it said on account that they could only read minds.  After about two hours I was getting kind of stiff, besides becoming sick of all the noises they would make, and piped up about the fact that they hadn't shown me their ship.

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