Wednesday, January 16, 2013


   For some time now I've had this itching suspicion that a conspiracy was afoot.  Couldn't put my finger on just exactly what the evidence was pointing to, but it has to be galactic in scale, maybe even interdimensional.   I noticed a repetition of images that would come in to my view.  Coincidence is common, but I'll be a bag of wet mice if a narrative wasn't being spelled out to me through randomly placed images.  I've pointed this out to many experts and although not confirming my theory, have led me to believe that I have advanced perceptual skills.  My Diagnosis of Prosopagnosia, Scotopic sensitivity syndrome, and Monothematic delusion, confirms that I have special powers of perception that are focused through my unique inability to see color or adequately hear auditory tonal variations in pitch, and have allowed me to see through the fog of misinformation.  The evidence I present to you, has be accumulated over the years I have spent piecing this far reaching conspiracy together.

Birds are the puppet masters

The conniving liberal media

I'm almost eighty percent certain this some sort of avian deception.

Planet of the apes was in truth a documentary fed to us as entertainment by the birds.  This and other "entertainment" is being used to as integration tool, so as to enable space apes to invade, destroy  and enslave our planet with out notice.  Is that really a movie being made or an invasion force smoke screen.?

A war between the lizard people, and the avian gorilla invasion force is inevitable, and rightly so as the lizard people have been here for thousands of years and have a highly symbiotic relation ship with the human race.

Birds are an intradimensional species that have evolved in parallel with humanity.  Alarmingly, they have breached the barrier that separates us, by using smaller replications of them selves.  The Replicants are used to spy , and possibly take part in the invasion.

As a good example to the rest of the world, North Korea has formed an alliance with a subspecies of the lizard people, known as the "sleestaks".  This alliance will form the basis of a lizard - human defense of the the planet, and will certainly set North Korea up as a world leader after the invasion begins.

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