Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Zombie goofy could be an ancient alien cyborg.

The question of Goofy's species has been a preoccupation of mine for not even close to Seventy years.  Questions have been asked and theorem's formed but nothing of consequence has ever come to pass.   Other cartoon creatures have been formed, animated, and forgotten with out too much of an investigation into their biological classification, but this Goofy thing persists.  The key to this question is whether his friend, the mouse is truly a mouse, and not more of a short big eared Goofy, or Goofy is a distortion of Micky.  Yes, a mixture of an undead cartoon mouse, and a misplaced colony of nanobots that have made a hive out of the carcass, distorting the mouse features into Goofy.  The proof is Warren Spector and his timeless images of what such a world these things are emitted from.

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