Friday, January 11, 2013

A quick pictorial history of the Dirigible's War.

It all started when a German farm wife (otherwise known as a "Bäuerin" ) mugged a French cavalry officer at knife point for a slice of bread. 

 In this historic photo is the dirigible Poignarder, trailing along the French cavalry unit that was annihilated by a unit of knife wielding Bäuerin.  though they fought with bravery and abandon, the Bäuerin discovered they could not jump high enough to stab the Poignarder and the French won the battle. This change in warfare developed into a dirigible arms race and soon airships were being manufactured by both sides at a astounding pace.

It got Real, in what was the first air battle, in the skies above the Alsace-Lorraine.

As the war dragged on new tactics were used.

This images show a successful gorilla boarding party attacking and taking over an ocean going ship.

Though the Gorrila's fought bravely their number's soon dwindled, and other Idea's were sought.  This is the only known photo of Korbinian Faucheux, the inventor of the the tractor beam.  Airship's were soon fitted with the apparatus, and the regular ocean going ships had not a chance.  

As you probably well know, the war quickly escalated and the destruction was severe.  In some way we all are still effected by what became know as "Dirigible's War". 

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