Thursday, January 10, 2013

Extraterrestrial's true story, revealed at last.

This image is an artist's interpretation, of the being know as 473-B's, home world.  The information used as the basis of this image, was gleaned through interviews of his contacts while he was at large.

473-B was habituate of the cocktail lounge, "Tiki Grotto".  Customers were required to wear tiki masks, this was instrumental in hiding is alien identity.

After incarceration the usual dissection yielded many clues to 473-B's physicality.  Unfortunately most of his body decayed after a refrigeration unit power failure.  His "foot" was saved by mistake when an examiner threw it in the garbage, a coyote fished it out, took it into a near by arroyo, then declined to eat it.

The cocktail waitress at the Tiki Grotto and 473-B were apparently, an item.

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