Wednesday, December 11, 2013

E.M.I. Shielding Afterthoughts

       There were ten pits and number one was the dryer pit,  Jen thought they must of tested wet and would be docked: Lucky, it's coming in wet or their tester is off.  {Lucky}I'm []esting []in[].. we'r[] [][]n[] ha[]t[] di[]p[][][].  Lucky,you're dropping out I'm right by the dryer.  {L[][][][]} [][][].. and she broke off contact. The grain drier was a high voltage electric mess of heaters and very large motors, causing all kinds of interference.  A truck pulled out of the pit area and the rig beside her started off only to be beaten to the pit by very large rig.  " that guys not going to get a candy".   Vogt stammered out a "yes"? so unusual she took a hard look at him again, and he seem to almost be in that catatonic state,  flickering in and out of it.


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