Monday, April 1, 2013

The error of enlightenment.

Perched in the nanny tower,  lucky tranced out -  in the heavy haze of mental clarity - on the event horizon of enlightenment - the pineal gland softening.  A reverse bell, one of his numerous modified sounds he had made and put in the system, during the hours of boredom that necessarily is an integral part of being a robot nanny, went off.  It seemed to be coming just over the edge of that event horizon.  He had changed every sound in the system and wasn't sure what this one signified,  focused in on the instrumentation, and thought it was hog 48 with and err 06,  hyrostat failure - then he was jarred out of the trance.  A loud hyperventilating sound was blaring in the tower cab,  lucky hit the hardwired button just seconds after the err message had been sent to service department, looked at the panel and saw that he would have to go out after hog 48, the hyrostatic drive had failed.

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