Tuesday, April 2, 2013

a regular festival of the hot happy stinks

  Two hundred yards down the main hall, lines had formed in front of a cluster of elevators.  A noisy talkative crowd going to work as slowly as they could, slurping morning drinks made at the Steam Engine, his floors cafe.  Lucky didn't usually make his presence known at that establishment,  he would always head up to the Kings Chair, the bistro at the top of the building.  The cool breeze is delightful, and views were the best, the staff made the most of it by screwing down each chair in position, giving every person an unimpaired view out over the grand prairie.  The Steam Engine was always a chaotic mess full of loud families, student study groups, and inebriated coffee drinkers - a regular festival of the hot happy stinks, playing the latest funked up rhythm of flu, for the enjoyment of the twenty eighth floor.  He could still hear a drunken party left over from the night before, it sounded like Wade, Jen, and L.J. slurring out a song and playing badly tuned instruments.  fairly certain they were using his small acoustic bass, and briefly considered walking down there and snatching it back, but that was to much, so he went over to the man lifts and caught a bucket going down.

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