Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Riding the man lift down.

  Lucky stared at the wall of the metal tube creeping past, smoothed by the gaskets that fit the buckets tight, polished by the backs of people leaning on the moving wall, some kid had dragged a green crayon over the wall on the way down, making line that Lucky stared at.  It swayed back and forth then sprung quickly with a snap, then back and forth with an occasional loop,  suddenly squished up against the belt and a hand nearly knocking his off the belt handle, " Oops sorry I didn't see ya" and the invasion was over - the tenth floor was full of nitwits.  Man lifts were slow, a slight hazard, and only designed for one rider per bucket, and were modeled after the the man lift in a grain elevator; the lift had been the favorite part of his job at the CO - OP, he would go out of his way to take a ride, they were a just big enough, two feet on the platform attached to a belt with a handle, no walls.  The line of green crayon went right and and ended, and it was time jump off into the main floor lobby, packed full of school kids, back packs, lunch box's; people heading out or coming back from work, loiters, holiday makers, a sales man, and a tour group being shouted at by a lady in a funny hat.  Lucky fought his way through and was only stopped once, talked at by one of his mom friends - she had a problem with her implant and couldn't get on the net, and bla bla blu, bla ble bla - "Ya might as well stop the inoculation and just get infected, that's the only reliable link" shrugged his shoulders, and was out the door walking down the street.  

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