Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The genius of ignorance

  The form of focused S-Foof that Lucky is working with, is contained in a vessel that has been developed at a high cost in terms of human life and property; and the fact that Lucky had no idea he was on a testing run - to find out - if in fact - any part of the preconceived plan could be carried out; couldn't have been known to anyone in higher levels of the resistance.  So by a necessity dictated by the rules of the instruction manual,  " How to Plan and Operate a Parallel enigmatic cellular insurgency"; almost everybody and every thing, that's involved in the insurgency; and a partisan of the resistance, is completely ignorant of the other aspects of the organization, and it's operation.  In some cases the partizan involved has no idea that they are part of the resistance, and manipulated into action by secondary contacts, and of course through hacking their infection.

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