Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Clearing the air

   According to Wikipedia, - { Foof or Dioxgen difluoride is a compound with the formula O2F2. It exists as an orange solid that melts into a red liquid at −163 °C[1] It is a strong oxidant and decomposes into OF2 and oxygen even at −160 °C (4% per day)} - .  Clearly it's a very reactive compound and the list of people and places killed and poisoned in the development of the "focused S-FOOF" device is a lengthy one.  In fact  the development of focused S-FOOF has flayed open the existence of the resistance to the intelligence division at M - corporation, by a chain of exothermal events that have formed a regular pattern.  Each individual explosion, implosion, or uncontrolled reaction, doesn't seem to be out of the ordinary, and are explained away in a verified manor, as industrial accidents.  but when grouped together, form a timeline that point to the development of some nastiness by the NDM.    
  M - Corp agents investigative field work is carry out on a superficial level, and the information is usually gleaned through obituary listings of chemist, applied scientist, theoretical engineers; and local reports of mysterious subsonic audio booms, tremors, and hypersonic tones of varying frequency.  The relative ease of gathering that data have lead M - Corp's deep cover agents to gain no real covert investigative experience, and they have missed out on most of the more important aspects the the resistance ties to the NDM, even to the point of not comprehending the importance of a very useful field manual and discarding it

PID 1360

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