Monday, November 26, 2012

House broken pets need new home.

     Patricia Piccinini's family dog had passed on, and they were heart broken.  She had an Idea, not a clear one but a general Idea of what she wanted to do.  The dog went into the deep freeze and Patricia dove deep into the science of  molecular cloning.  After two weeks had went, she realised that molecular cloning was going to take longer to master than she had thought and began looking for a faster way of bringing the family pet back from the dead.  Fortunately she had amassed a sizable horde of science publications, and had been grazing though them waiting for an idea, when she saw an ad for a do it yourself genetic cloning kit.  She immediately sent for it and started the process as soon as it arrived. 
      Everybody was excited to see their new pet develop in the gestation chamber, but something abnormal for a canine gestation period was happening.  At the time which they should've all seen a puppy take shape, the fetus was still in development, the family still meticulously tended the the tank and watched three more month's.  The birth, came when Patricia noticed the gestation tank bumping across the kitchen floor, (they kept the tank in a kitchen closet by the water heater) she then started the process of raising the little imp.       Over the years she has accrued quite a house full of the things as they breed asexually.  Patricia surmised it was her skills at house keeping that had resulted in some of the dogs DNA mixing or rather had been mistakenly spliced with someone from her family. 


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