Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Conscience Control

Dampening sound was done and damping gravity was a thing, but Wade's amplifier was an entirely new use of those technologies.  Jen and Wade could make music but were novices controlling the networked amp, Lucky was expert at both playing the music, and controlling the amp though his infection.  Stand's to reason: Lucky, had been infected the longest out of their crew, and pre-infection had carried an implanted for years.  In fact, Wade and Jen had known Lucky for all their lives, and could not remember him not having an implant.  I, on the other hand know the specific time and date he was first logged in.  Prior to that, I can only glean the memories of mom, dad, Ted, and of course Lucky.  From what I can gather, the one thing that he was good at during his isolated years, was playing music.  After his first log in, it became clear that his visceral musical ability translated to a masterful command of the network, and when infected, the synergy between Lucky and the network was a force to behold.  Un or fortunately Wade was the only person to realise this aptitude of his and built a suite of technology around it, Lucky's favorite is the amplifier, and is a master of it.  He work's his bass guitar in conjunction with the amp's damping field's, commandeers the beat and channel's it to Jen and Wade. Controlling your self and playing along with Lucky, is like lucid dreaming, if you know it's a dream it's hard not to break the spell and wake up

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