Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pharmacological Games

  In the tunnel the trucks gain speed and shoot out into the midmorning light as colored streaks of dusty noise, one after the other dispersed into the grid, targeting there destination with scatter shot accuracy.  Bouncing along in the air suspended seat while bouncing with the air suspended cab that was bouncing on the air suspended frame connected to the high flotation tires, you would think would be a smooth ride, and it was, just a floating motion more or less.  The air was on, Jen turned on news talk, and the flat corn desert stretch out like the great dirt sea it is.  Vogt had that glazed look of some one that had internalized, a gamer, Jen was sure she remembered Vogt being a zombie as a kid.  His parent's were pretty well off and he was sure to have been one of the first people with the implant, and it was years before it was implicated in that condition.  Jen glanced over at him - addicted - he was probably on a prescribed game, withdrawals could be deadly, mind breaking events.  So what would've been a promising event for Jen, turned out to be a very quiet ride down 36, strait, flat, corn husks blowing across the road, when the turn at eight hundred east seemed to bounce him out of the coma.  "Close to the site" he said with out moving a muscle. blinking, or seemingly moving his mouth.  Jen call the map up and confirmed.

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