Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Combine Rebellion

        Jen had two grain hauler's, she drove one while the other was autonomous,  there were strict rules about heavy bots, including when and where they could run without a operator.  "I think we had the big bot harvester accident, after your time here" He look kind of puzzled, "I don't recall hearing about that".  "well" Jen was almost jovial to have something to talk about," you know that the increase in autonomous cars have led to a transportation revolution, but you might notice that most the heavy farm equipment around here has an operator".  "just got in last night, haven't seen.." " That's on account of the large bot harvester massacre.  It was fifteen years ago this next week that a hideous event took place, no one is sure what happened, a bug in the code, virus, or remote take over.  All the equipment that went on the rampage was heavily damage in the effort of stopping the carnage". "that's horrifi..."! " It all started when a super large bot harvester that p.9 was using, some how stopped responding to the operators commands and took off.  This was before the infection, bot control is more natural now, but back then it required the operator to use a graphical user interface, so he was pushing buttons like crazy and nothing stopped, the large harvester lumbered on, it crossed a highway and ate it's first victims,  a zip car full of old women returning from a trip to the Amish country.  It continued on through the fields, and the odd thing is that every bot it came upon was made uncontrollable and went off on its own separate path of destruction.  The N.M.R.'s home guard was still around back then and called to take down the out of control equipment with anything they had (missiles), but not before two got into town and mowed down everything in their way, killing around ninety people before being blown to bits". Keven was a little wide eyed "I never knew, I've never seen anything about it."  Her eye's narrowed, "information of that historic rebellion was suppressed, to much riding on autonomous transportation, it's future was so bright it washed out that dim passage". He was getting a little suspicious that some of the info Jen had let him in on was false.    

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