Monday, April 15, 2013

Predisposed to the fugue.

The still hot, pyramid five beltway ,warms his feet, pedestrian only - no private cars allowed, both sides of that narrow street is Zip car parking only, and at this time of morning most of them had been rented out and are about.  People stream across the belt drive and down the streets that run out from it, like rays of sun - not minding zip car drivers at their own peril, wandering out through the next three blocks, arriving at the shed or shop of their employment.  Some of these people would've liked to blunder out past the three blocks to the belt way park, and wander through the woods.  A small amount of those that went to the park would eventually go out to the fields to wander about as tramps,freebooters,or the more forgiving term "hikers".  Lucky's shed is farthest out on the ring and next to the wood, often he forgets about making the right turn into the shed, and goes into the park.  On those occasions he thought about going on a hike, a long hike - but eventually shakes it off, and turns around.  He's soon at his building, hook's right and goes in

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