Friday, April 19, 2013

Psychoactive corrosive Ivy infestation.

Perennial maze had become the crop of choice, very little tillage was needed - in fact many fields went years with out any tillage.  This was great because of the low input cost associated with such a crop made wide profit margins, but problems were developing; the ivy was the worst, vine's grow better than most other plants in a high CO2 atmosphere, easily out performing the perennial maze, several species of ivy have formed a symbiotic relationship, enabling those plants to form a biological mega-structure, many of the symbiont that form that matrix have become extremely toxic borrowing certain traits from the poison ivy and poison oak that make up a substantial part of that web of hideous life, and incorporating them in their own genetic make up, and in do so have showed signs of extreme toxicity.  A new variant of morning glory excretes a psychoactive scent that utilizes the impulse control in the more complex organisms, this is perhaps the most unsettling of the ivy's; "the ivy" as it is called is resistant to all know forms of herbicide, robotic plow systems can be used but the plant material is highly corrosive usually disabling most machines.  Burning it was the most used method of eradication, but the smoke is noxious; the weather conditions to be just right, proper authorities alerted, and any down wind residents fifty mile's or less away - evacuated.

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