Friday, January 25, 2013

Woodland walk produces cognitive impairment.

   There is a section of the woods that I usually walk through, that produces a suspicious gap in time.  Could be that by this time and point in my walk through the woods, my brain either can't handle the stimuli, or doesn't have enough, then disengages, and goes on auto pilot.  Total awareness while in motion is the key to keeping my mind from disengaging at that particular point in the path; so I kept at it until I could see in a wide view and was immersed in the present like never before, and still I checked out while passing through this patch of forest.  It's a shame, from what I remember from before this phenomenon began, was a small dark tunnel of red buds underneath the larger tulip trees with the ancient oaks surrounding the perimeter - beautiful.  I'm starting to believe there is some other force at play and have begun a covert campaign to sneak up on that spot from a different direction all together.  Most approaches to that tunnel of trees, are blocked by a thicket of black raspberry bushes, (very stickery) and other thorny plants.  This really only leaves two other approaches open; the path and a tiny water shed - that's devious - and I'm sure it must be an intelligent decision of some kind of forest gardener.  I watch those black raspberry bushes like a starved blue jay; and just when they're at the height of ripeness; and I'm sure I'll be the first one to get the pick; the berries are A: picked clean, or B: I can't seem to find them.  If I don't believe a supernatural woodland presence, then it boils down to my cognitive abilities being impaired, and I can't have that.  

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