Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Intelligent large quasar group finally contacted.

The congnitron is a neuronic amplification structure.  Synaptic nerve impulses are amplified and transformed into a controlled terrestrial gamma ray burst.  A discreetly selected telepathic group must enter an entangle quantum state in the sensory deprivation well at the bottom of the main accelerator tube; built many miles into the crust of the Earth; and sunk into the upper mantle at a magnetically specific location.  A sympathetic cognitive coupling fixed on the local of  U1.27 is the primary use of this facility.  The details of the communication have been classified but are widely believed to be untranslated as of yet.  There has been a push to declassify portions of the transcripts in order to facilitate a more speedy translation - as of this date, no publication has occurred. The predominant speculation is that the device is used to contact and converse with a sentient large quasar group. 

-The visible exterior of the machine.-

-look down through the main coil.-

-The sensory deprivation well and the neuronic impulse receivers.-

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