Monday, December 17, 2012

Fine Furnature and Hot Sunday's

   On hot Sunday afternoons I was bundled up in the back seat of our car and taken to visit the great aunts.  After arriving, I quickly hit all of the most interesting sites: the drainage ditch, the back yard, the tree in the back yard, the front yard, the sidewalk in front of the front yard, and the front porch.  The great aunts and my parent's lingered, while my brother and I found whatever we could to do.  I think I picked loose pebbles out of the side walk. After a few hours of that, we would all go in to watch Lawrence Welk, and I was allowed to sit on the green vinyl day bed/couch and not allowed to sit on or touch most every thing else.

I never sat in this chair.

This chair was moved into the bed room and I only caught quick glances of it. 

I touched this....once.

Thankfully this thing was moved off to a far corner, it gave me the creeps.

I was lucky enough to sit in this twice.  The first time, I was placed on it with great ceremony then quickly snatched off.  The second was a mistake on my part, as I had thought the first seating had been a granting of full territorial rights for my person to inhabit this chair.  I was a bit steamed and asked why I wasn't allowed to sit on almost all the chairs in the house.  The great aunts replied, that some furniture wasn't designed with little boys in mind.  I wrote Charles Rohlfs the builder of  the untouchable furniture, and asked him to please keep boys in mind when making new furniture.  He didn't reply.

 This painting was placed directly across from the green vinyl couch.  The television blaring the Welk, (the great aunts were a bit deaf) was at a right angle, at far end of a long room, in front of the windows letting fresh air in.  I believe a fusion of image and audio were implanted, and to this very day if I see a snarling trapped animal, it's always accompanied by Welks, Good Night Theme.  

 I was allowed full rein over this piece of  furniture.  On very hot days I was allowed to wear shorts; and after four or five hours of listening to Welk; and staring at the trapped animal, I would become stuck to couch.  The only way off was for both my Mom and Dad to peel me up, pretty sure some skin was left.  After only four or five hours, it was time to go.  I don't have one memory of the ride home.    

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