Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Last Entry

  At this time and place there seems to be no human that isn’t monetarily poor. Isolated though I am, I still notice this.  Our latest struggle had been to get my grandson wed, but there seems to be no one out there.  Were have they gone.  We cannot leave because we have no money. All our food is grown here so here we stay, within earshot of a highway we can’t afford to drive on and only aliens use.
On a day that started out with 3 inches of ice covering everything and a blizzard with 70 mile an hour winds to end it. Microwave boy dropped by, with some papers I needed to sign,   formalizing the end to my suppliers contract with them.  I had been drawing this out trying to secure one last order, but it looked like I was going to be cut.  No more cash.  I was little bent out of shape when I asked, why did they do this to me to all of us.  “You.. and your people were enslaved by greed”,then awkwardly he added this little gem, “consider your self liberated”.

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