Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The problem with row 79.

  Lucky puts on his boots, hat, and sunglasses; glugs down as much water a he can, jams the binoculars up into the tool rack, grabs the thermos; all in the fast minute the tower travels down.   After he hooks the tower to the deck's ladder, he hangs by his hands from the floor hatch for a bit, the heat rolls off the deck, he drops down and walks the thorax to the utility hatch in the floor.  Gingerly opens the little hot door and releases a ratchet strap - thump, goes the powered hand tow to the ground.  Stamps down a big a clump of cord grass the hand tow is snarled in;  grabs the handle, pulls the brake and guides it out from under the rig towards row seventy nine.

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