Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scrumdiddlyumptious mochi prevents early morning disaster.

    Sat down in the wet grass opened his sandwich bag, Ted gave him a look, Lucky was like "wut ?" Ted pointed no where in particular and... "you know if you'd get here earlier you wouldn't have'ta be out in that heat."  Lucky took a bite of his delicious egg sandwich, chewed, and slurped his iced tea.  "Look at Garcia, he gets here so early he's usually gone before ya even leave your apartment."  Lucky looked in his bag for a treat, the egg sandwich came with a treat.  Ted shouts down to Garcia  "Garcia what time cha get here." "Early" Garcia shouts back walking down the side of the shed to his first call.  Ted looked up at pyramid five, the irrigation was shutting off from the top terrace to the bottom terraces in sequence - a mildly interesting event.  The last bit shut off and he assumed an unfocused, and slightly over dramatic pose, " you've always been like this, so I should get used to it.  If it doesn't bug you - it should't bug me."  Lucky had to finish his yummy raspberry mochi and fully recover from it's effects before he could answer - "Yep... I'm fine with it, it's not as good as second shift, but it's less hectic than driving that rig around in the morning rush."  He sat there for hour or more moving down the side of the grass covered shed just enough to keep out of the sun,  going in to hang out on the dock after the shade ran completely out, thankfully Ted was called up, and finally he was the only one left.  Just as he was getting hungry, and about to break into his lunch, he was called up.

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