Monday, March 18, 2013

Robot Siesta

 Clueless, Lucky had shunned the ease of an early morning operation, summer mornings were busy and by the sweltering afternoon most people had hung it up for the day, submerging to cooler places, giving Lucky near invisibility to carry out his covert operation.  The heat had another effect that few people knew of, and Lucky had just the most minute suspicions.  Hyperthermia in the human body cause the nanobots, infecting a body to malfunction, weakening the biometric link to the machine.  There was no conclusive proof that anyone could spy, through him, through the net, but the operations carried out on days with nice weather never seemed to go off as well, as when carried out on hot days.  So here he was in the middle of a cornfield, dizzy from heat exhaustion, flipping around a can of FOOF, like it was an empty water bottle.

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