Friday, February 8, 2013

A commissioned piece made for the 1NANIF.

Not so recently I gave a quick history of  the lNANIF (lost north American Napoleonic Invasion Force),and because of that publication, my skills as a wood carver were contracted for use by the lNANIF to build a piece of equipment.  How I was contacted I cannot divulge; and when they took the order I cannot say; but how they came and picked up the order, leads me to this assumption.  Some of the people who make up the lNANIF have developed a very specialized set of senses, that enable them to navigate the Earths atmosphere misdetected.  I will hazard my credibility to state, that a selective breeding program has netted those aeronauts some individuals with telepathic tendencies; and technological enhancements are needed to focus and amplify those Intellectual faculties; and the manifold I was asked to build is one part of this amplification system.  Yes I know this seems "far out", but as I was asked to use a specific type of wood from a particular epoch in time,  my speculation for this highly specific specification is that the vibration, or the Aura, must be important in some way; and my belief is that it some how hooks into a larger system of tubes, funnels, diaphragms, valves, and other manifolds; just one part of a telepathic amplification/receiver system. 

The object itself:

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